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Welcome to Princess Wives, a blog written by various famous princesses about what’s really happening in their lives after being promised “happily ever after” — an online documentary-slash-princess mommy blog, if you will.  The cast of bloggers includes:

BLANCHE: Exhausted foster mom to seven high-maintenance dwarfs.  She’s starting to regret settling down at such an early age to an older man, especially a stranger who kissed her when he thought she was, um, DEAD.

CINDY: Met her husband through the royal version of The Bachelor –– called The Prince’s Ball — where she competed against dozens of other women for a marriage proposal from Prince Charming.  Because the entire basis of their relationship is looks, Cindy has become obsessed with maintaining her beauty — and, therefore, Charming’s interest in her.  She’s mostly stuck at home with their 10-year-old daughter, with whom she has a “complicated” relationship, and her crazy stepmother, who now lives with them.   Her only confidantes…?  Mice.

ARI: Now that she lives her life mostly as a human — without the benefit of constantly swimming as a mermaid — she really struggles with her weight (although she insists on wearing the same sexy clothes that she donned 10 years ago).  Terribly bored with her human life, she misses the freedom of the sea and resents her husband, who’s often traveling on business and unavailable to help with their dozens of kids.  (She IS part fish, after all, which means laying lots of eggs.)  Meanwhile, her husband resents the fact that his father-in-law is always showing up for dinner without a freakin’ shirt.

ISABELLE: A successful book editor with two perfectly lovely children, she secretly fantasizes that her prince of a husband is still a furry, moody, sexy beast.

MERA: The only single gal on the blog, Mera is a professional job- and man-hopper whose only real commitment is winning the gold in Archery at the next Olympics.

Have questions or want Cindy’s recipe for castle-approved pot roast?  Contact us at candy@princesswives.com.

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